Greetings! This is my personal blog where I post about many things, many topics—but mostly theology—from a Reformed/Presbyterian perspective. Posts will include stuff  like personal thoughts, maybe quotes from books I’m reading, and probably even Bible passages with some commentary of my own or from Reformed commentaries. Basically, this blog is what I do on Twitter but without the character limit.

You’re probably wondering who I am. No…? Oh, okay… I’ll tell you a bit about me anyways. I grew up in the Pentecostal church for most of my life, but did a profession of faith in 2008 and I was baptized then also. A few years later, I became lazy with all things related to Christianity. Many things happened around 2014 that affected my college education and my relationship with friends and family. I came to realize that I wasn’t really a Christian. I did not love God’s Word, I wasn’t interested in learning about God, I wasn’t interested in the church. Repentance finally became a part of my life. I believe that was the moment I was really saved.

I later took a break from college, and I decided to start studying the Scriptures. I was a very committed Pentecostal, but then I started to realize that many of my theological presuppositions were wrong. I first discovered the doctrines of grace. I then went from Pentecostalism to cessationism. The next thing that changed was my view on eschatology. I went from Dispensational Premillennialism to Amillennialism. Then I began to look at Covenant Theology to understand the unity of Scripture better. Because of all this, I am now a confessional Presbyterian, and I’m here to blog all about it!