Esencia absoluta

Nunca se hubieran caído del árbol
si las ramas hubieran sido fuertes,
y sólo hubieran sido fuertes si
sus raíces estuvieran junto a
las corrientes de las aguas puras.
Nunca se hubieran caído
si hubiera habido ciencia,
paciencia, sabiduría en los tesoros
del jardinero.

Por siempre mirarán los ciegos la luz
si la luz los libra de sus tinieblas.
Aquellos que buscan matar la luz
no pueden evadirla, ni fingir
que de la luz no depende
que el universo entero sea visible.

No se construye una casa sin fundamento,
y no se puede castigar sin Justicia.
No salga de tu boca palabra alguna
si no has conocido la Esencia absoluta
y la ruta que es segura. ¡Ponte de pie,
mortal infeliz, ponte de pie y llora!
Ya la hora del agua pura ha llegado.

La muerte sempiterna está en tu sangre.
La vida perdurable está en el agua.


Truth and Light

Before the genesis of time and the cosmos,
before there was a human mind in the garden…
The Truth was, is, and will forever be the Truth.

Truth is the beginning and the end,
Alpha and Omega, origin
and arbiter of all that is truth.

The universe is a structure, Truth is its foundation.
Only fools who violently suppress the truth of Truth,
the truth of Truth’s existence, will use the order of words
to deny the order and confess the great disorder,
chaos of inconsistencies founded on the worship
of nothingness.

Look up to the timelessness in the heavens,
for Truth is timeless, unchanging, eternal,
although you close your eyes to not see the obvious.
But hear me, blind man, your eyes will be opened
only by the absolute Essence, the power
of the Light of Light.

Tomorrow Comes

Is he cold?
No, he has seen
the perfect peace.

Behold a slave!
Behold a teacher!
Behold a chosen man!
Working for his Lord,
speaking truth immutable,
cleansed by blood and water.

All men die, but some mock death
and they sing with their last breath,
eternal breath that sings the anthem
of Paradise.

Oh friend, go to sleep.
You have planted seeds,
rain fell down indeed,
and we all have seen
the fruit of your deeds,
the flowers, the trees.
Go to sleep, my friend
for it is the end of the day,
but the moon rises
and the darkness is gone.

Do not fear. Tomorrow comes.
The voice shall awaken you,
and you will open your eyes.